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Our Mission is to Encourage survivors of Domestic Violence to rebuild and Empower their lives through workshops in Beauty, Health, and Fitness Education.​

BFF Pledge is to be nonviolent, respect my body, and the earth. BFF Goal is to launch the "Project NVP" all across America. Our Vision is to stand up for Mother and Child to stay together in a Safe and Healthy environment. We need to BAND together. . ALL PROFITS FROM THIS EVENT WILL BENEFIT BFF America TO LAUNCH "PROJECT NVP"

The Bright Future Foundation of America Inc. "BFF America" has request the pleasure of your company

to enjoy a beautiful sunset evening during our Project NVP DayO'Beauty Event

 -to pamper you from 3.00pm till 9.00pm

on Friday the Thirteenth, September 2013

6400 Surfside Lane, Carlsbad, CA - 92011

We are so thankful to Seapointe Resort for donating the Clubhouse and their support of Nonviolence begins with Me Project. Especially to KUSI News and many Beauty and Fitness Professionals for Volunteering with us for the last seven years. Now it is my TURN to give back and Say "Thank You" to all of you with Fun Music, Dance, Photo Shoot, Time to Chat about YOU and how we can get our future DayO'beauty events to the next level with our NVP MESSAGE. . . We can never do all the transformation we have seen in the lives of the less fortunate people in our community the last seven years is just AMAZING!!! BFF America could never do it without your help. Lastly, what a generous donation from Dr. Marlene Thomson for providing hundreds of Dollars worth of Dental work monthly to the survivors of Domestic Violence! -- Yeahhh!

-Unlike all the COMPLIMENTARY services we have done for SURVIVORS of Domestic Violence- watch link here to see what we are about: *We awill request aDONATION $5^ at every BffTables during this SPECIAL Event to benefit our brand new "Project NVP" so that we will be able purchase NVP Wristbands to distribute at all the Public School across America. Please SHARE. . . We also want to share about the 100% of vL-No9 All-in-One Mask to be DONATED to support the "Non-Violence begins with Me Project."

♥No9 GetFit or BFF Yoga

♥Back/Hand Massage

♥Eyebrow Consultation

♥Hair Style



♥MakeUp Lesson

♥Celebrity Speakers

♥Red Carpet Photoshoot

*Be part of our Music video shoot "iPledge"

by Mike McGill - Listen here:

"HELP Bright Future Foundation of America HELP underprivileged Women and Children HELP THEMSELVES"-vL🙏

Please Text now to RSVP: +1.760.500.4500








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